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Regulatory Accounting Standards and accountancy financial services

While setting up or conducting your business in the Netherlands, you might search for information about the Dutch Company law. Please note that the Dutch company law is not the same as Dutch corporate law. Corporate law as a Dutch legal concept refers to a specific section of the Dutch Civil Code. The section deals with different forms of company structure and governance and legal entities. In practice, company law is often interchangeably used with corporate law.

Financial and management reporting

Financial management reporting is crucial to managing your company. It provides an up-to-date basis for making well-informed decisions. When conducting your business in the Netherlands, please note that the Dutch financial reporting regulatory framework is built upon the Dutch Civil Code. In addition, it is supplemented by the Dutch Accounting Standards, judicial precedence and International Financial Reporting Standards.

Please be aware of the face that GAAP and IFRS are two different financial reporting standards. While the IFRS have gained more popularity over the years, the Dutch GAAP are the locally accepted accounting principles. The differences between the Dutch GAAP and the IFRS vary according to your type of company, the nature of your business, the industry you are operating in and the accounting policies established by the company internally.